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art & music drop-off


Children ages 18 months to 5 years will enjoy art while learning to interact with peers, and sharing and building social skills.  Children learn through a process-focused curriculum, where art is instructed through experience, and through an exploration of techniques, tools and materials based in a multi-media art curriculum.  Children will also explore the richness of music and reading.  Class length is 2 hours.  This is a drop off class. Students may register for more than one Green Moon class per session.  Each class is $75 and students must register for an entire session.


picasso's lunch break

Children ages 2 to 5 years will engage in multimedia arts with time to enjoy a nut-free meal with friends (children will bring their own lunch).  Eating with friends is an invaluable opportunity to broaden experiences with peers. Class length is 1 hour.  This class is intended as an extended day for those registered in art and music. Each class is $35 and students must register for an entire session.


pm art class

Children ages 3 to 6 years will enjoy painting, drawing and other multi-media art techniques, which offer our students problem-solving skills, critical thinking and collaborative experiences. Linking creative skills with the imagination, our classes prompt rich social interaction and reflective dialogue with both teachers and peers. Class length is 2hours.   Each class is $75 and students must register for an entire session.


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